Republic of the Philippines
                                                                         SUPREME COURT

                                                                                                        EN BANC


Petitioner,                                                                         G.R. No. 159486-88

- versus -                                                       






                         Manifestation with Motion

The UNDERSIGNED COUNSEL respectfully manifests before the Honorable Court that:


                                                         Resolution, dated November 25, 2003
            1. Counsel was penalized with INDEFINITE SUSPENSION by the Honorable Court per the Resolution, dated November 25, 2003, the dispositive portion of which reads:
“WHEREFORE, Attorney Alan Paguia is hereby indefinitely suspended from the practice of law, effective upon his receipt hereof, for conduct unbecoming a lawyer and an officer of the Court.
Let copies of this resolution be furnished the Office of the Bar Confidant, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and all courts of the land through the Office of the Court Administrator.



          2. Under the law, when a judge or justice is convicted of a SERIOUS CHARGE, such as bribery, graft and corruption, or immorality, the maximum suspension imposable on him is “three (3) but not exceeding six (6) months(par. 2, Sec. 11, Rule 140, RULES OF COURT). In the case at bar, counsel has been suspended for more than six (6) years. Thus, even if counsel was found guilty of a SERIOUS CHARGE, it would appear, by parity of reasoning, that the purpose of the law has been satisfied.


           3. Counsel humbly begs to submit there is reasonable ground to believe the preservative principle underlying suspension of errant lawyers has been FULLY SERVED.



          WHEREFORE, it is most respectfully prayed that the undersigned counsel’s INDEFINITE SUSPENSION from the practice of law be kindly LIFTED before the next birthday of Jesus Christ.


          October 15, 2010.



                                                                             ALAN F. PAGUIA
                                                                                                  17 Dr. Lazcano Street
                                                                                                            Quezon City
                                                                                              IBP Lifetime Member No. 717
                                                                                                       ROA No. 32673